Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Don't Mind

I never wanted to waste my time.

Somewhere it happened.

I don't mind.

My only wish

My secret dream

Leaning sideways

In the stream of my mind.

There it is

Standing tall

But it's so high it might fall.

But I don't mind.

Sometimes things just happen.

We don't figure it out

And we don't try to explain.

You read me wrong

By things I don't say.

If we try to describe it

It just takes too long.

Have it all

Take mine too

You made me feel it

It belongs to you.

But I don't mind.

Cloudy days make you smile

Walking with

You leading all the while.

Cool breeze blows a doubt


In the midst of...

There it is

Standing tall

But it's so high it might fall

But I don't mind.

Right or wrong it just makes sense

Playing games like "Mental Defense"

But I don't mind.


  1. Moon - These lyrics are SO great! i am downloading one of your songs now on facebook - i dunno if we've met before but we are friends on facebook! i wish you well on your show tonight - thorn rob campbell

  2. Thanks for your interest and kind words, pass it on!